Classes We Offer

Cuban Salsa

 Incredibly fun social dance, transporting you straight to the streets of Havana from your first step as an absolute beginner. 

The more advanced levels will learn what Cuban Style really means with the addition of Timba into their dance - this a lively mix of Son, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Mambo, Rumba and even Afro moves incorporated into the usual Salsa partner work to add flavour, personality and a unique dancing style for every student. However you decide to embark on this life changing journey - alone, with a friend or a partner - we will be with you every salsa step of the way, with an individual approach in each class as well as posting videos and other useful links on our Facebook page. 

One thing is for sure though, whatever your final destination, we guarantee buckets of fun, meeting new friends and a great social atmosphere, all while getting some exercise and learning a new skill: 

Go on, give it a try!


Train your body to move in ways you never thought possible, loosen your inhibitions and build physical confidence. Set to an infectious soundtrack of Cuban beats, Hip-Hop and Reggaetón and taught by the inimitable Yainer Carbonell Vegueriz.
Based upon an isolation technique taught by Cuba's leading dance professors, we have developed the class alongside leading fitness experts and physiotherapists to ensure that you get an all-over, well-balanced workout that, most importantly, is safe. After a ton of tests and movement analyses, we can now officially state that our class will help you:
- Increase Mobility, Flexibility & Coordination
- Build Core Strength + Stability
- Target Abs., Back muscles + Legs
- Improve Upper & Lower Posture
- Burn up to 800 calories
It GUARANTEES to tweak all areas no normal aerobics, dance or Zumba class can reach! Plus, add to that just how much fun the class is, and how much it will improve your dancing, and what reason is there NOT to give it a shot?!

Rumba - Guaguancó

Rumba is a genre of Cuban music involving dance, percussion, and song. It originated in the northern regions of Cuba during the late 19th century. Guaguancó is a couple dance of sensual competition between the male and female dancers. Traditionally performed by poor workers of African descent in streets and solares (courtyards), Rumba remains one of Cuba's most characteristic forms of music and dance and, in 2015, was officially recognised by the Cuban government as the country's national dance. 
Rumba has played a massive role in the development of Cuban Salsa, being incorporated regularly into the usual partner work as well as being danced on its own at house parties, clubs, on the streets and incorporated into the choreographies of the biggest dance spectacles. A must for anyone who wants to take their Salsa to the next level.

Afro-Contemporary Body Movement

This is contemporary movement stemming from Afro Cuban and Folklore basics, creating a structured course designed to work on body strength & control, muscle isolation, flexibility, balance, musicality and breathing. This style differs in that it focuses on the principles of contraction and relaxation; releasing emotions and movement through pelvic, abdominal and chest contractions, relaxation on inspiration, muscle spasms, stretches and pulls. A staple of any Cuban professional dance training regiment, regardless of school or final specialization. 
Comfortable clothing and shoes please, sweat, pain and tears guaranteed!!!!!